Illegal human testing

The moral catastrophe of the Bush years continues to reveal itself. According to a report by the Physicians for Human Rights, the U.S. government doctors experimented on suspected terrorists that we were torturing. The goal of their research? How to inflict the maximum amount of pain without killing the suspect:

The report cites agency guidelines for health professionals involved in interrogations requiring that they document each time a detainee was waterboarded, how long each waterboarding session lasted, how much water was applied, exactly how the water was applied and expelled, whether the detainees’ breathing passages were filled, and how each detainee looked between treatments.

That information led the C.I.A. to make detailed changes in how interrogators conducted waterboarding sessions, the report concluded. Eventually, the agency replaced regular water with saline solution to reduce the detainees’ risk of contracting pneumonia or hyponatremia, a condition of low sodium levels in the blood caused by free water intoxication that can lead to brain edema and herniation, coma and death.

Of course the Obama government won’t be looking into these alleged crimes having decreed that torture (ordered unrepentantly by George W. Bush himself) is something we must pretend never happened. Good luck trying that excuse if you get caught speeding, using drugs, shoplifting, etc.

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  1. Ian

    The goal of torture is to inflict pain but not kill, so it isn’t incredibly surprising they would try and figure out how to “engineer” the process. What is more appalling is the involvement of the doctors. I’ll never understand the mentality of a doctor who can take part in such things. In college I did research about the psychology of doctors in Nazi Germany, and how they could defy their oaths to “do no harm”. Essentially it was done out of fear or because they simply thought it was the right thing to do and everyone else was doing it. Its just all kinds of screwed up, and those doctors should lose their licenses and face charges.