Lakers not named Kobe Bryant

Seriously, check out this box score (click for a larger version)

Game 5 Box Score

The Lakers not named Kobe Bryant combined to score only 48 points out of a team total of 86. They went 18 for 51 for a pathetic 35% shooting. For a comparison, the Lakers “defense” allowed the Celtics to shoot 56%.

Kobe can’t do it alone. He needs a couple of his teammates to show up for Game 6 or this NBA Finals is over.

Kobe going it alone does make for some entertaining TV:


  1. Ian

    I kind of agree with Bill Simmons on this one. He said something along the lines of when Kobe starts shooting the lights out and shooting every possession, like he did in the 3rd quarter, his teammates just stand around watching him. That attitude carries over to the defensive end too. Kobe was begging his teammates to get a defensive stop in the 3rd. Defense was the Lakers’ problem last night. Artest vanished on Pierce, and Garnett had a sneaky good game against Bynum and Gasol.

  2. Chris

    I sympathize with Simmons criticism of the Kobe show, but the Lakers weren’t playing well (defensively and offensively) in the first half either. Kobe was getting doubled and passing the ball and the other guys just bricked shot after shot.

  3. Ian

    He wasn’t so much criticizing Kobe, nor was I. In fact he said something along the lines of Kobe’s performance in the 3rd was among all time amazing performances. The problem was that the Celtics won that quarter even with Kobe playing out of his mind. That was because his teammates just would not play defense. They wasted Kobe’s best play of the playoffs. Outside of Kobe, the Lakers were abysmal on offense. As a Celtics fan, I was overjoyed when Artest hit a 3 early in the game because I knew it meant he would be taking some ill advised shots later due to overconfidence. Even with the bad offense, they still got within 5 at the end. The Lakers could’ve won if they had gotten a few more stops, Boston shot like 60% most of the game.

    Honestly, with Bynum playing gimp and Artest not stopping Pierce, it is hard to say this Lakers squad is any better than the one in 2008.