Greatest victory speech, ever

Sure the economy still sucks, the BP oil leak continues, and we’re still embroiled in two pointless wars, but this is all I can think about:


  1. Ian

    Artest is crazy. As a Celtics fan, seeing Artest be crazy is about the only thing to enjoy out of this.

    Pau should’ve been MVP.

  2. Chris

    I think Pau had as many crappy games as Kobe. But it just didn’t sit right to give Kobe the MVP after he just finished shooting up brick after brick. I would have liked to see Artest get the MVP for his key contributions in games 6 and 7.

  3. Ian

    Pau wasn’t exactly Shaqtastically dominant, but his rebounding in the Lakers’ victories was incredibly important. He also played a huge role down the stretch in game 7. Kobe was absolutely abysmal in game 7. His terrible play kept the Celtics in the lead for most of the game. He made one important shot but it was only after they took the lead with momentum. I’ll admit I am a biased Kobe-hater, but really, giving him Finals MVP shows how weak overall both teams were in this series. It wasn’t so much one team won as much as one team got tired and gave in.