Unemployed? Get a job!

Have you been unemployed since the crash of 2008? Are you on Medicaid or Medicare? If so, your situation is gonna get a lot worse:

Democratic leaders in the Senate have apparently failed to win enough support to overcome a Republican filibuster of a bill to help the poor, the old and the jobless, despite making a series of cuts to the measure over the past several weeks to appease deficit hawks. […]

The legislation, known as the “tax extenders” bill, would reauthorize extended unemployment benefits for people out of work for six months or longer, would protect doctors from a 21 percent pay cut for seeing Medicare patients, and would provide billions in aid to state Medicaid programs.

Basically a bunch of rich politicians are ready to throw you off the government dole for having the temerity to be caught up in a worldwide financial disaster. I guess there was only enough government money to preserve million dollar bonuses the very same rich Wall Street bankers who screwed up our economy.

Also, hooray for stupid Senate rules that let 41 Senators overrule the will of the other 59!

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  1. Ian

    USA! USA! USA!