Roundup for Friday 9/10/10

Maybe this pastor finally figured out inciting hate wasn’t the most Christian thing to do. But to all of you who think he shouldn’t be allowed to do if it he wants, should read about and understand why we have a First Amendment.

The German military thinks we’ve reached the peak of oil production. Now all we have to look forward to is years of rising prices of just about everything as oil gets more scarce and expensive!

White House of Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel isn’t going to be the next mayor of Chicago. Given his name recognition, he should be polling way ahead of his rivals. He aint.

This must finally be God’s revenge on San Francisco for being so tolerant to gays.

And finally, my new role model:

I’ll be blogging and tweeting sporadically over the next week. So, feel free to use the comments as you wish. And I will feel free to ban you if you step way out of line 🙂

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  1. Ian

    Hmmm, now I need to try and think up some stuff to get banned…