Iraq War Leaks

On Friday, Wikileaks released 391,832 classified U.S. military reports. According to Wikileaks, this is the largest leak of its kind.

The reports confirm a lot of what we already know (although not necessarily confirmed by the military itself), and a few things we didn’t:

  • The Bush administration lied about the number of Iraqi civilians killed
  • The U.S. willfully turned over prisoners to Iraqi jailers that engaged in systematic and widespread torture
  • Iran was helping Shiites fight the U.S. military and rival Sunnis
  • There are more military contractors, aka mercenaries than soldiers

You can read more detailed analysis at the Guardian or the NY Times.

* * * *

Speaking of the NY Times, as a fan of their publication it pains me to say they are once again engaging in a dubious amount of Orwellian self-censorship. Instead of calling torture, well… torture, the Times has been bending over backwards to avoid the truth. They’ve also put a questionable pro-American anti-Wikileaks spin on the entire leak.


  1. Ian

    How can the GOP pin it on Obama?

  2. Ian….if there is a will there is a way……

    For my part I liked the ones on the Surge…..back in 2008 I said, as well as others, that the whole surge thing was a con job…..trying to silence any anti-war opposition… is fun to watch the conservs on the tube avoid this part after they tried to deify Prateus for his great surge success….