Wikileaks pulls the lid off U.S. diplomacy

Today Wikileaks released approximately 250,000 confidential documents related to U.S. government diplomacy. This NY Times story runs down some of the highlights.

The big takeaways?

  • Saudi Arabia wants us to attack Iran for them
  • Israel is ready to attack Iran
  • U.S. diplomats to the U.N. are spying on their colleagues
  • The U.S. is really worried about Pakistan’s nukes
  • The Chinese government is behind hacking attacks on Google and others

The AP reports that the U.S. denied to help Wikileaks redact the documents.


  1. Ian

    I think a big takeaway is that we are resistant and reluctant to attack Iran. That’s a good thing. Also very interesting in the leak was how China sees North Korea as a “spoiled child” and favors reunification with South Korea.

  2. Chris

    Good point about Iran. I hope the leaks make an attack less likely, now that all of the co-conspirators are out in the open.