Atta girl!

Nancy PelosiYesterday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi managed to pass the Bush tax cuts for all Americans, with one modification: No bonus tax cuts for people who make in excess of $250,000.

Pelosi and the House Democrats made the right move. Not raising taxes on middle class Americans during a deep recession makes sense. Americans need the extra money to spend on goods and services to help bring our economy out of this funk. However, people making over $250,000 are much more likely to save any bonus tax cuts they receive. They already have more money than they are likely to spend. Helping them save more would come at too great cost to our national debt.

But as you may already know, the deal isn’t done. The bill Pelosi passed now heads to the Senate where all good legislation goes to die or be completely perverted. Still, it’s worth giving a shout out to the good Democrats like Pelosi that are finding ways to push good legislation. It’s really too bad she won’t be Speaker of the House come January, even if she will be Minority Leader. If any Democrats deserved to lose in the last election, it was the prima donnas in the Senate, not the relatively good members of the House.

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  1. An excellent piece of political gamesmanship….got ALL Repubs to vote against it……will be good in 30 sec. ads come 2012…..