Facebook isn’t worth nothin

Interesting theory: Facebook’s revenue is unsustainable because Facebook ads are nearly worthless:

Facebook posts huge revenues. In fact, recent reports are that Facebook is very profitable. This boosts both their respect in the world and their valuation. However, these returns, while real, are unsustainable. They exist and are sustained in the same manner that Ponzi schemes are. Facebook is a Ponzi Scheme.

Have you ever bought a Facebook ad? I have. I have talked to many, many people who have. We have spent hundreds, many have spent thousands or even more, experimenting with Facebook ads. They are worthless. Nobody ever looks at them, and nobody ever clicks on them. I just talked to someone who was trying to promote a book. He found it cost him over $100 in ads to sell one book. Moreover, as you increase your ad spending, people get used to the ads and just ignore them. So, your already low click-through rate plummets even further.

People go to Facebook to interact with their friends. It is fundamentally different from the ad platform that is Google. People go to Google to find something they need, possibly ready to buy, which a good percentage of the time can in fact be solved by someone’s ad. Facebook ads, on the other hand, annoy users. They yield no real value, and thus no profits.

If true, Facebook will die a quick death when their growth slows.



  1. Ian

    The real value in Facebook is selling user information. You get a list of everything you really need to know about a person with the Like system, plus you can get their address, date of birth, phone numbers, everything. Yes, there are privacy settings to block people from being able to see this information without your permission, but it is unlikely that grandmothers and teenagers are using those features. Any application you use can access this information.

  2. Ian

    In good news: Lieberman is retiring from the Senate.