Protests in Egypt

Egypt could very well be in the middle of a revolution. You can read a stream of updates here from the NY Times or the Guardian.

I don’t want to make predications, but I hope the Egyptians end up with a kinder government at the end of this ordeal

Please let me know what you’re thinking in the comments.


  1. looks like it is a spreading phenom…..Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen and now Jourdan…if it continues…look for a spike in gas prices…at least in a short run…..

  2. Ian

    I’m skeptical that this can maintain the momentum necessary to overthrow the government. Right now everyone is united against Mubarak, but there are quite a few different groups who want different things. The only way this works is if Mubarak makes sure the transition is peaceful and fair. Otherwise it could be chaos.

  3. Ian…good point and these are my thoughts on that….