Idiocy rules in D.C.

Ladies and gentlmen, i present to you the new Republican majority:

House Republicans on Friday easily approved amendments to the spending package that would deny government financing for Planned Parenthood, block money for the Democrats’ big health care overhaul and bar new regulation of certain greenhouse gases.

[…] The Securities and Exchange Commission, for instance, charged with carrying out a sweeping new financial regulation law, will end up with $25 million less than last year, which was before the law was adopted.

Just what this country needs! More pollution, less regulation of banks and more unplanned pregnancies!


  1. All this makes me think of the Movie, “Idiocracy” Where the STUPID rule!

  2. Ian

    Unplanned or unwanted? or maybe “un-provided-for”?

  3. Chris


  4. Ian

    I’m saying what’s wrong with an unplanned pregnancy? It seems a strange choice of word.

  5. Chris

    Having a kid is a big lifestyle change. I think most people would like to be in control of when it happens.