Biblical disaster in Japan

Incredible. Hopefully the death toll is low, but I haven’t seen any estimates yet.

Only positive is that at least this hit a rich and well built country like Japan. Imagine something like this happening in Brazil. Hell, think back to what happened in Haiti.


  1. As horrible as it could be…there is a sigh of relief in Madison……the quake will take Walker and his cronies off the front page….for now…..

  2. Ian

    Its a terrible tragedy. Watching the news feeds and hearing interviews with people who haven’t found the family yet is heart-wrenching, especially when it is parents who haven’t seen their kids since they dropped them off at school. I hate how every asshole cause is trying to use this disaster to further their agenda (such as anti-nuclear power, anti-non-Christians, etc.).

  3. Chris

    To your last point, it appears that most of our current means of energy production carry significant risks.

    Nuclear = radiation
    Coal = pollution, mining disasters
    Oil = underwater drilling catastrophes, political turmoil in oil rich countries

  4. Ian

    Every form of energy generation has its own negative environmental impact. Even solar. The manufacturing process for solar panels does produce some toxic waste. Basically its a “pick your poison” type thing.

    What happened in Japan doesn’t really change that those risks always existed, nor should it change our decision making process regarding which we choose. People are latching onto this because they want to capitalize on the fear that is coming from this situation. Its just a way to distort the argument.