Obama embraces the Dark Side

The President has now firmly embraced the teachings of Darth Cheney:

… in Barack Obama’s administration, it’s perfectly acceptable to abuse an American citizen in detention who has been convicted of nothing by consigning him to 23-hour-a-day solitary confinement, barring him from exercising in his cell, punitively imposing “suicide watch” restrictions on him against the recommendations of brig psychiatrists, and subjecting him to prolonged, forced nudity designed to humiliate and degrade.

Our military is torturing Bradley Manning, and it needs to stop. The laws against torture apply equally to innocent people, criminals and traitors.



  1. Unfortunately they will use the Patriot Act to torture an American that still has yet to be convicted of a crime….that way they can hold him and do as they like under the guise of saving us from terrorists….sad, no matter how you want to look at it…..

  2. Chris

    Hasn’t he already admitted to leaking a lot of sensitive data? Why hasn’t he been tried yet?

  3. It is the military…..so they can detain him forever and not bring him to trial…..he does NOT have the same rights in a brig as he would in a fed prison…..