‘Acute case of The Embarrassments’

IOZ on Obama’s complicity in Bradley Manning’s torture:

Here is a fine opportunity to engage in a little free and painless magnanimity, to make vague noises about according decent treatment even to one’s enemies, to blather a bit about America’s committment to the humane treatment of all God’s precious children, to give the poor kid some boxer shorts and a couple of books to read, and to throw that paltry bone to his supporters in the Democratic faction, who would immediately beatify him as better-than-Cheney, and he passed on it. He said, no, we’re going to go right on torturing this person, who has not been convicted of any crime, lest he commit suicide before we are able to consign him for the rest of his life to the tortures we are already visiting upon him. Here, then, is a man who considers torturing a kid barely past his youth for an alleged crime whose principal result to-date has been an acute case of The Embarrassments, more important, more pressing, and more necessary than the public maintenance of his own image as a moderate reformer and as a conciliator.



  1. Ian

    Not defending the treatment of Manning, but that quote is ridiculous. What is being done to Manning is nothing like what was done to those in Abu Gharib and Guantanamo. I know were supposed to be outraged, but tone it down a little.

  2. Chris

    Who mentioned Abu Ghraib? In any case, the severity of the torture doesn’t excuse anything.

  3. Ian

    I mentioned it.

  4. Chris

    Parading him around nude is sexual humiliation… which is part of what they were doing at Abu Gharib.