Unanswered questions on Libya

From John Cole:

When do we know we have “won?” Who are we protecting? What do we do if Qaddafi survives? What do we do when we figure out the people we are “saving” hate us, just slightly less than they hated Qaddafi? What about civilian casualties? How much is this going to cost? How long is it going to take? Who is going to pay for it? Are we going to raise taxes, or do we just proceed with devastating cuts to the poor to finance another war. Are we going to have to stay and protect people after we “win?” Will we have to create bases to protect the war profiteers who are going to swoop in and start drilling and reconstructing what we just blew up? What is the reaction going to be in other Arab nations? What kind of blowback will there be from this?



  1. My thoughts……http://lobotero.wordpress.com/2011/03/21/only-good-war-is-my-war/

  2. Ian

    You are right. We should not have intervened to stop civilian protestors from being attacked by the Libyan military.

  3. Chris

    I hope it works out, and my sympathies are with the rebels. But I question the idea that it’s our responsibility.