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We don’t need allies anyways

Who would you trust more? This guy? …or this guy? A new Pew Research poll shows that U.S. allies (and yes, even Britain!) put more trust in Russian President Vladimir Putin than they do in George W. Bush. Sure, Putin is suspected of poisoning politcal opponents, jailing others and killing journalists (and then there was […]

‘Special Servings’ at Taco Bell

An Iowa family has filed a lawsuit alleging their 4-year-old son was served food at Taco Bell that an employee purposefully contaminated with urine and saliva. And to think, they weren’t even charged extra for those “condiments.” That’s service! The employee, Casey Diedrich, allegedly maintained “special servings” of contaminated food which was reserved for police […]

Our President listens to this guy?

Norman Podhoretz is one of the fathers of neoconservative thought (also the father of another famous neocon “thinker” John Podhoretz). When he speaks, people pay attention. Recently, Podhoretz has been making the case for bombing Iran. In fact he “hopes and prays” that we do. But that’s not the worst of it: The [British] should […]

Vonage not so good for 911 calls

When you make a VOIP call, using a service like Vonage, to 911 or other emergency services, your VOIP provider sends your address automatically to the emergency operator. The trouble is that Vonage might send them the wrong address: However, the day AFTER that frantic 911 call, guess what we found in our email inbox… […]

Liberals are a bunch of ‘ninnies’

Matt Taibbi of the Rolling Stone makes the case that American liberals are “terminally adolescent buffoons trapped in a corny sixties daydream.” Despite the bombast, he makes some genuinely good points like this one: …having rich college grads acting as the political representatives of the working class isn’t just bad politics. It’s also silly. And […]

How the U.S. creates terrorists

How would you like being stuck in Gitmo for an entire year after the Pentagon said you could leave? From WaPo: The word came in May 2006: Ali Mohammed Nasser Mohammed, a slight, 24-year-old Yemeni with curly black hair and a wispy beard, would be freed from Guantanamo after more than four years. He got […]

Golden domed mosque bombed again

The golden domed mosque was struck again by insurgents, Wednesday, in an apparent attempt to add fuel to the fire of the Iraqi civil war. Two minarets were destroyed in the attack. In February we noted that it had been a year since insurgents significantly damaged Iraq’s sacred golden domed mosque in Samarra. The first […]

U.S. Army attacks the ocean

No kidding. The Army has admitted to dumping 64 million pounds of dangerous nerve and mustard agents into the ocean. Not to mention the chemical filled bombs, mines, rockets and radioactive waste. Woops. Here are maps of where some of these chemicals were dumped: View larger versions of these maps and detailed coverage of this […]

The big corporate bank monopoly is over

Now credit unions are ripping us off with outrageous fees. Happy day. A credit union in Florida charges a $2 fee if your arm isn’t hanging out of your window with your deposit slip in hand as you pull up to the drive-thru window. And that’s not the only fee that SunState Credit Union charges. […]

The Great Writ comeback tour?

We are one step closer to restoring Habeas Corpus, the bedrock of our system of justice, thanks to Senate Judiciary Committee. The Great Writ of Habeas Corpus was shamefully compromised by the President and last year’s Congress. Last night, Keith Olbermann had law prof Jonathon Turley on his show to talk about the importance of […]