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‘Happy New Years’

If you’ve ever seen The Hurt Locker, you know that terrorist-type folks can use cellphones as makeshift bomb detonators. A bomb can be set off this way by calling a number or TXTing it. Well, it turns out this setup didn’t work out so well for one would-be bomber: [She] was planning to detonate a […]

Protests in Egypt

Egypt could very well be in the middle of a revolution. You can read a stream of updates here from the NY Times or the Guardian. I don’t want to make predications, but I hope the Egyptians end up with a kinder government at the end of this ordeal Please let me know what you’re […]

When big businesses run the government

It’s tough to have fair laws: ‘It makes no sense and it has to change,’ Mr. Obama said in his State of the Union address. ‘Get rid of the loopholes. Level the playing field. And use the savings to lower the corporate tax rate for the first time in 25 years — without adding to […]

The Hobbit delayed again

Peter Jackson admitted to the hospital with a perforated stomach ulcer. Nerds everywhere need this movie to come out and soon. Especially since the last Harry Potter movie will be coming out shortly.

See ya Keith

On Friday the last Countdown with Keith Olbermann aired on MSNBC. Near the end of the show, without warning, Olbermann announced his immediate departure. Why did he leave? Olbermann simply said the situation surrounding the show had become “too much” for him. The details of his departure are still a mystery. You can watch his […]

Isn’t Texas…

… supposed to be a conservative miracle? Link

Facebook isn’t worth nothin

Interesting theory: Facebook’s revenue is unsustainable because Facebook ads are nearly worthless: Facebook posts huge revenues. In fact, recent reports are that Facebook is very profitable. This boosts both their respect in the world and their valuation. However, these returns, while real, are unsustainable. They exist and are sustained in the same manner that Ponzi […]

MLK would have loved our wars

Who knew?

Lessons of the last week

Valuable snark from John Cole: I have learned this week that it is completely inappropriate for people to be upset about violent rhetoric and crosshairs over politicians after one of the targeted politicians is almost assassinated by a deranged lunatic. Normal people might think this is reasonable, even if the assassin wasn’t directly motivated by […]


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