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It’s probably because you suck

Nobody has ever read an Objective newspaper. If I bother to say this to a journalist, he inevitably froths at the mouth before rebutting: “You’re only saying that because you’re a socialist.” Everyone says it, I reply. Leftists, Centrists, Rightists. “Exactly! Everyone criticizes us. That shows that we’re fair.” Actually, if everyone hates you, it’s […]

Top Ten Keywords

Google Analytics keeps track of every Google search that results in a click to the Web site. I decided to look at the keywords for the last few months and see what searches were drawing people here. Here are Why We Worry’s Top Ten most amusing keywords, in no particular order: can you fly wearing […]

Monday Blogging – 2/9/09

Look at me… I didn’t write a post for you guys last night. Sorry! (Above is a picture I found – it’s not me, I promise – while searching for Monday on Creative Commons) 9:40am In 2003, A-Rod tested positive for steroid use. Since it seems like most Yankees fans already hate Alex Rodriguez, I’m […]

60 Minutes reports on the Israeli settlements

If you’re at all interested in the conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians, I urge you to watch this excellent 60 Minutes report on the Israeli settlements on Palestinian land. Along with walls and roadblocks, the settlements are making life for the Palestinians unbearable and decreasing the likelihood of a two state solution.

Holiday Blogging 2008

Over the next week blogging will be light while I take a little vacation. I’m going to leave this post up and update it when I come across interesting news. Feel free to post any news in the comment section you’d like to share. Merry Christmas, happy holidays and all that jazz! ? SATURDAY An […]

Wednesday Blogging – 12/10/08

10:20am Good morning! What’s in the news today? By the way, who knew it was possible for two people to eat out in NYC for less than $100?!?!!?!? Me and my McDonald’s breakfast are shocked. 11:55am I wanted to write about the Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich and his dastardly corrupt schemes, but the entire story […]

Monday Blogging – 11/10/08

8:50am Good morning everyone. I took the liberty of sprucing up the design of this site a little bit. I changed the logo graphic, added the gray background, adjusted the style of the sidebar and made some other small changes. Let me know if you have any comments or suggestions. My next task will be […]

Election 2008 Results Liveblogging

11:00pm NBC just called it for Barack Obama. This insanely long election is finally over! I don’t know what to say. It’s hard to believe actually. 10:15pm Not happy that McConnell won… but Ian I think it’s safe to drink now. At least it is for me… 9:50pm I don’t see how Obama loses this […]

2008 Presidential Debate III: Liveblogging

» Skip down to my conclusion « 9:00pm Is Bob Schieffer older than John McCain? 9:05pm McCain repeats his plan to buy $300 billion worth of home mortgages. He says it hurts everyone if these homes are abandoned, even those who were responsible with their money. Sounds good. 9:10pm Obama talks very specifically about tax […]

Monday Blogging – 10/13/08

8:00am <whinefest> I worked more than 10 hours yesterday. Not only that, my car – which two weeks ago required $800 to get running again – started making a weird noise in the rear end when the car is moving. That can’t be good. I know I already need nearly $2000 in other repairs to […]