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Fault in the health reform debacle

The short answer: the Democrats in the Senate. Let me tell you why. The filibuster In the United States Senate, one Senator can hold up legislation using the filibuster rule. In order to stop a filibuster, it takes 60 votes. Senate tradition held that the filibuster would only be used in extraordinary circumstances. Thanks to Republicans, […]

Health care reform pros and cons

Health care reform may have been neutered endlessly by bought off politicians (including, perhaps, Barack Obama). But is it still worth supporting and passing? In the pros column: 30 million more Americans will have health insurance Approximately $100 billion will be spent each year making sure lower income families can afford basic insurance You can […]

Do we still live in a modern country?

Maybe not: More than 20 percent of the nation’s water treatment systems have violated key provisions of the Safe Drinking Water Act over the last five years, according to a New York Times analysis of federal data… Regulators were informed of each of those violations as they occurred. But regulatory records show that fewer than […]

Why the House health care bill might suck

Since Congressman Dennis Kucinich is considered an a deeply un-serious person by the mainstream media, I doubt you’ve heard or read his excellent liberal critique of the health care legislation passed by the House of Representatives this weekend. Well now you can say you have read it, the bolds are mine: We have been led […]

Health care: Good & bad news

Good news: Health care reform passed the House this weekend. Consumerist has a good summary of what’s in the bill: Insurance mandate – Uninsured Americans will pay a penalty; low-income people exempt. House bill charges a penalty of 2.5% of adjusted gross income: that’s $500 on $20,000, for example. Employer coverage – All employers with […]

Why H1N1 might be harder to fight than we thought

I enjoy maps visualizations. Always have. Sometimes though, they can bring up troubling questions, such as the H1N1 FluTracker from Rhiza Labs. When I first saw this, I only took a brief glance at the numbers and noted to myself “Wow, we only have 5000 less cases than the source of the virus, Mexico”. Then […]

Public Option seems more likely

This is a bit of good news from White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs: [The President is] pleased that the Senate has decided to include a public option for health coverage, in this case with an allowance for states to opt out. As he said to Congress and the nation in September, he supports the […]

Al Franken on health care bankruptcies

Yesterday, I wished that Congress was fun to watch all the time. That probably won’t ever happen, but at least Rep. Alan Grayson and now Sen. Al Franken are keeping it interesting when they get to talk:

Health Care Activists Illustrated

By noted illustrator Steve Brodner: Yesterday was mobilization day for health care activists. In the clammy rain folks gathered and sat in at insurance corporate offices across the country. Here’s a drawing of demonstrators at United Health at Penn Plaza, where I was yesterday, where 14 people were arrested.

The Other Side Of The Prescription Pad

Visualization expert and all-around smart guy Ben Fry reports from the doctor’s office about his doctor’s perspective of her Electronic Medical Record system. The post addresses points from the amusing (“It combats the (very real, not just an overused joke) penmanship issues of fellow doctors”) to the very useful, such as the idea of portability […]