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What a wonderful world

Via Balloon-Juice: Steve Benen: This morning, Gore appeared on MSNBC, where Andrea Mitchell read from Sarah Palin’s Facebook page to ask the former vice president questions about climate change. This is why I might have to stop following politics and become an ascetic.

War on Christmas continues

Forget Afghanistan. Don’t any of you remember the War on Christmas? Via Balloon Juice, it appears there is a website that lets users rate stores on their friendliness to an overtly religious version of Christmas. In the mind of these Christianists, a store does not deserve your patronage if they wish you “Happy Holidays” vs. […]

Having a rough week?

Get one of these: (h/t Lauren)

Republicans side with defense contractors over raped women

Read more at the Huffington Post, including Jon Stewart’s take on the controversy. Update: Looks like a Democrat might get in the game of protecting rapists at defense contractors:

Just cut to commercial

Couldn’t Meredith Vieira have stopped the segment while the kid was retching?

Obama embraces Soviet Communism

If Republicans want t0 compare Obama to Soviet Communists, this is their opportunity: The Obama administration has decided not to seek new legislation from Congress authorizing the indefinite detention of about 50 terrorism suspects being held without charges at at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, officials said Wednesday. Instead, the administration will continue to hold the detainees […]

Signs of the apocalypse

For your consideration: Only 51% of Kentuckians believe that Obama was born in the United States according to a poll by Daily Kos/Research 2000. The Senate Finance Committee (run by health industry whore Max Baucus) is finally going to put out its plan for health care reform, and it won’t have a public option. Jay-Z’s […]

‘Numbing’ quote of the week

From the NY Times: Sen noted that in normal circumstances, women live longer than men, and so there are more females than males in much of the world. Yet in places where girls have a deeply unequal status, they vanish. China has 107 males for every 100 females in its overall population (and an even […]

There won’t be compromise with Republicans on health care

On Friday, Clint had an excellent roundup of the rightwing idiocy designed to destroy any chance at health care reform. Unfortunately their idiocy is having an effect. According to Republican Senator – and Glenn Beck fan – Chuck Grassley, the Senate has dropped end of life counseling from their proposed bill. This was in response to […]

A pattern is emerging

Short version: Congress has given Attorney General Alberto Gonzales the power to spy on Americans and foreigners with little to no oversight. Long version: I’ve written a bit about the destruction of the 4th Amendment that is the NSA wiretapping scandal. I’ve wanted to write about this particular story since Friday night. It’s just so […]