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545 days left

I was in the middle of my daily perusing of blogs, when a tidbit on Glenn Greenwald’s site caught my attention. John Yoo, one of Bush’s key legal advisors, argued that the President has the legal right to torture children by crushing their testicles. From a 2005 debate with professor and international human rights scholar […]

Numbers update from Iraq and Afghanistan

From Four thousand U.S. service members have died in U.S. President George W. Bush’s “war on terror” in Iraq and Afghanistan 5 1/2 years after American forces ousted the Taliban in December 2001. A total of 3,596 have died in Iraq since the March 2003 invasion that removed Saddam Hussein from power. Some 2,957 […]

‘Special Servings’ at Taco Bell

An Iowa family has filed a lawsuit alleging their 4-year-old son was served food at Taco Bell that an employee purposefully contaminated with urine and saliva. And to think, they weren’t even charged extra for those “condiments.” That’s service! The employee, Casey Diedrich, allegedly maintained “special servings” of contaminated food which was reserved for police […]

Our President listens to this guy?

Norman Podhoretz is one of the fathers of neoconservative thought (also the father of another famous neocon “thinker” John Podhoretz). When he speaks, people pay attention. Recently, Podhoretz has been making the case for bombing Iran. In fact he “hopes and prays” that we do. But that’s not the worst of it: The [British] should […]

How the U.S. creates terrorists

How would you like being stuck in Gitmo for an entire year after the Pentagon said you could leave? From WaPo: The word came in May 2006: Ali Mohammed Nasser Mohammed, a slight, 24-year-old Yemeni with curly black hair and a wispy beard, would be freed from Guantanamo after more than four years. He got […]

Democracy at work; the war continues

The war funding bill, that ensures more death and destruction in Iraq (mostly for the Iraqis), was approved by Congress Thursday night. The bill contains no timetable for withdrawal, only optional benchmarks for the Iraqi government. The Democrats total capitulation on this issue is nothing short of an abdication of their responsibility to represent the […]

How much we’ve helped the Iraqis

Since the beginning of the U.S. backed “genocidal” sanctions and our current war on Iraq, the mortality rate among Iraqi children younger than 5 has risen 150 percent. U.S. humanitarian aid group Save the Children now estimates that 1 in 8 Iraqi children never make it to their fifth birthday. Please, send your “thank you” […]

Boxing with boxers

Ever wonder what they fill those punching bags with? From WSB-TV @ Obscure Store: Joe Heckel said he and his son were moving a TKO brand heavy punching bag from their garage to the basement when they decided to see what was inside in case the bag later leaked. But Heckel said that instead of […]

Can a ‘surge’ last forever?

The propaganda masters at the White House labelled the 20,000 troop escalation in Iraq the “surge.” The “surge” doesn’t evoke memories of Vietnam and it also implies that it’s temporary. To build on the illusion of the “surge” as temporary, General Petraeus told us in April that “in early September” he “would provide an assessment […]

The Dark Age of American Politics

**Update Below** Journalist Joe Gandelman wrote this about Tuesday’s Republican primary debate: McCain probably hurt himself among some Republican primary voters — and helped himself with some independents and perhaps some non-progressive Democrats — by sticking to his guns and coming out firmly against torture. Doesn’t that seem at all ridiculous to anyone else? What […]