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The access of evil

In the realm of reporting, a journalist distinguishes himself from his competitors through effective sourcing. Any staffer can reap information from press releases and meeting minutes. Rarer is the ability to establish strong and reliable lines of communication with high-value sources. As the journalist increases his level of access, he increases his worth to his […]

Just cut to commercial

Couldn’t Meredith Vieira have stopped the segment while the kid was retching?

“It’s like looking into a mirror after you’ve done a ton of coke off of it”

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Checking the media’s Iran hysteria

Our national media seems intent on replicating their dubious behavior from the run up to the Iraq invasion. This time the target of their fearmongering is Iran. FAIR (Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting) collects some of the media’s most dubious assertions about the nature of the Iranian nuclear program and notes: there is no firm […]

NY Times giving you more Fox News

News media mogul Rupert Murdoch – the owner of Fox News, the Wall Street Journal, and many more – has long fantasized about owning the crown jewel of American media: the New York Times. Now it appears that Murdoch buying the Times would be redundant. From the NY Times Public Editor Clark Hoyt: Jill Abramson, […]

The Trouble With Twitter

The Kanye West backlash has already reached its pinnacle with even the President chiming in that Kanye was “a jackass”. This was an entertaining factoid to most but the way in which it was revealed was rather bothersome (to me at least). It seems during an off-the-record part of an interview, Obama uttered this statement […]

ACLU does the job of the media

This is why I gave money to the ACLU: In the spring of 2003, long before Abu Ghraib or secret prisons became part of the American vocabulary, a pair of recently hired lawyers at the American Civil Liberties Union noticed a handful of news reports about allegations of abuse of prisoners in American custody. The […]

Media: You’re not doing your job

Here are some of the results from this week’s Wall Street Journal/NBC poll [PDF] (@ Ezra Klein): So, basically 40+% of people believe three completely untrue things. The current proposed bills do not cover illegal aliens, result in a government takeover of healthcare, nor do they pull the plug on grandma. These false convictions are the […]

Health Care and Isolation

In the Fall of 2002, a relentless propaganda campaign was launched to rally the American people behind a predetermined invasion of Iraq. The conversations originally hinged on WMD but the focus was adapted when that justification collapsed. The Summer of 2009 will be remembered for its own propaganda campaign. Republicans, centrist democrats and business leaders […]

News approved by your corporate lords

This past year has not been a kind one for the integrity of NBC’s news operation. Last June we learned that MSNBC (an NBC subsidiary) management ordered newscaster Keith Olbermann to stop critizing Hillary Clinton because it might hurt ratings. In December the NY Times revealed that NBC was a willing outlet for Pentagon propaganda. […]