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Evidence of a country off the cliff

In a sane country so-called “adults” would be embarrassed to write a publish poo like this: Our professorial president is no feckless W., biking through Katrina. He is no doubt on top of the crisis in terms of studying it top to bottom. But his inner certainty creates an outer disconnect. [Obama is] so sure […]

Thank you CNN…

… for giving me great tips on how to use heroin: Embedded video from CNN Video

Domestic Security, Terrorism, and Hasan

Addressing a recent post on Small Wars Journal: The massacre at Fort Hood is a reminder that the War on Terror is not fought just in south Afghanistan or Mosul. It is a global war also fought in an office building inside a military base in Texas. Many counter-terror analysts focus on the Pakistan connection […]

The 12 Principles Of Cable News Thinking

As explained by marketing guru, Seth Godin: 1. Focus on the urgent instead of the important. 2. Vivid emotions and the visuals that go with them as a selector for what’s important. 3. Emphasis on noise over thoughtful analysis. 4. Unwillingness to reverse course and change one’s mind. 5. Xenophobic and jingoistic reactions (fear of […]

The access of evil

In the realm of reporting, a journalist distinguishes himself from his competitors through effective sourcing. Any staffer can reap information from press releases and meeting minutes. Rarer is the ability to establish strong and reliable lines of communication with high-value sources. As the journalist increases his level of access, he increases his worth to his […]

It’s probably because you suck

Nobody has ever read an Objective newspaper. If I bother to say this to a journalist, he inevitably froths at the mouth before rebutting: “You’re only saying that because you’re a socialist.” Everyone says it, I reply. Leftists, Centrists, Rightists. “Exactly! Everyone criticizes us. That shows that we’re fair.” Actually, if everyone hates you, it’s […]

Something every journalist should read

Armed with books like Fiasco, and the Greatest Story Ever Sold, it’s easy to look back and see how our media failed miserably in the days and months before the invasion of Iraq. The problem didn’t start and end with Judith Miller and FOX News. Just about all of our major media outlets played the […]

In defense of Keith Olbermann

Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews anchored the coverage of the first two presidential primary debates on MSNBC. The Associated Press, Friday, uncritically parroted objections from the Giuliani campaign about Olbermann’s role: Olbermann’s popularity and evolving image as an idealogue has led NBC News to stretch traditional notions of journalistic objectivity. — Having Olbermann anchor — […]

Giuliani plays the fear card; Olbermann is pissed

Presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani said, Tuesday, that more Americans will die if he is not elected. He also parroted a familiar slogan first trotted out by President Bush. “[Terrorists] hate us and not because of anything bad we have done; it has nothing to do with Israel and Palestine,” Giuliani said. “They hate us for […]

841-pound woman dies from heart attack

Renee Williams, the 841-pound woman thought to be the largest ever to receive gastric bypass surgery, died Sunday night of a massive heart attack. (Source: Houston Chronicle) Shame on you, Houston Chronicle. This is not news. Everyday she was alive, however, was. Tags: 841, heart attack, fat