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Le Tour

From the perspective of an American, when you think of the Tour de France two things probably pop into your mind: Lance Armstrong and doping scandals. And probably a third, tight shorts. I happened to watch three stages of this event this past week (it ended Sunday) and found myself enjoying it, only thinking about […]

Shaq tarnishes his legacy

After Kobe Bryant led the Lakers to their 15th NBA Championship Sunday night, former Laker star and Kobe rival, Shaq, decided to keep it classy on Twitter: But Kobe wasn’t the only target. Shaq decided it would also be in good taste to mock Laker benchwarmers. Later in the evening, Shaq seemed to offer up […]

Liveblogging: 2009 NBA Eastern Conference Finals – Game Five

Just so you know, I hope the Magic win. 🙂 1st 6:00 Well… can’t say much other than the Cavaliers are demolishing the Magic. The Cavaliers are shooting an incredible percentage from the outside, and playing excellent defense. Mo Williams is living up to his Guaransheed a game late. End 1st The pwning of the Magic […]

Great moments in commercial history

It’s that time of year when I waste my nights watching NBA playoff games. By the way, the Bulls/Celtics series has been incredible. The game last night took three over times to decide. But anyways, NBA playoff time means being inundated with commercials I don’t usually see. The one I wanted to share with you […]

University of National Champions

Go local sports team! Go!

All blogging is suspended pending the outcome of tonight’s basketball game involving my local college team (hint: I don’t live in Michigan). Actually, scratch that… I may liveblog the game… mwhahaha! Rest assured, semi serious blogging shall return. I’m crafting another post about the financial crisis that you can look forward to reading. On a […]

Who was Edmund Burke? Plus random fun videos

Conservative love and admiration for Ronald Reagan finally became so unhinged that it turned the former president’s name into a punchline. Perhaps they’ve finally recognized this phenomenon and have turned their reverence toward Edmund Burke. Seriously, this Burke guy is showing up in conservative articles all around the web. Usually he’s mentioned as someone who […]

Don't smear your face paint

You can get detailed stats and video of the game at ESPN, and check out a great photo gallery at the News & Observer.

The Super Bowl commercials sucked

How do world’s gigantic multinational corporations think they are going to get us out of this recession unless they make good commercials, and thus convince us to spend money? This was probably the best commercial from last night, seriously: The Firestone Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head commercial probably deserves an honorable mention.

Why UNC lost to Wake Forest

  On Sunday night, Carolina lost their second game of the season to Wake Forest by a score of 89-92. Carolina is tied for last place in the ACC with Georgia Tech with zero wins and two losses. Statistically, it’s easy to see why UNC lost this game. They shot a pathetic 35% to Wake’s […]