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Brad Pitt’s Floating House

Succeeding where the US government continues to disappoint, Brad Pitt’s Make It Right Foundation, working with Morphosis Architects, has created the FLOAT house, a LEED platinum, modular pre-fab single family dwelling that can float in up to twelve feet of water, giving residents a home to come back to after a Katrina or Nargis-like disaster.

Another 9/11 post

From our archives: Allende and the “other” September 11th

There won’t be compromise with Republicans on health care

On Friday, Clint had an excellent roundup of the rightwing idiocy designed to destroy any chance at health care reform. Unfortunately their idiocy is having an effect. According to Republican Senator – and Glenn Beck fan – Chuck Grassley, the Senate has dropped end of life counseling from their proposed bill. This was in response to […]

Americans Getting Skewed: Part 1

(I’m not writing this essay as a response, but I want to note that its timing and trajectory have been influenced by the release of a Cato Institute analysis called, “Thinking Clearly About Economic Inequality,” and also by an interesting reaction to that analysis at The American Scene Blog.) Dreams of GINI We have been […]

Israel fortifies opposition to peace

(Updated below) Like Presidents Clinton and Carter before him, Barack Obama is trying to broker peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians. As a start, Obama asked Israel to stop expanding settlements, a.k.a. stealing Palestinian land. However, just yesterday, the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejected an important part of Obama’s request: “In my conversation with […]

Insecure Feelings In 'Secure' Cities

Metropolis, a design magazine, recently blogged about a study titled ‘Secure Cities And Shrinking Public Space‘. By measuring accessibility, mobility, and surveillance of the spaces in the civic and financial centers of three cities (New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco) they found that “over 17% of total space within [the] three study sites is […]

Choose Life

I don’t want to say that the opponents of universal health care are lazy. Then again, the 4th of July wasn’t that long ago, and I assumed that any red, white and blue-blooded American would have brushed up on the Declaration of Independence in between sips of Heineken. Even if you just read the Spark […]

Three ideas to limit government

E.D. Kain at the League of Ordinary Gentlemen wrote an intriguing post on steps we should take to the limit the ominous size and reach of our central government. E.D.’s idea is that we can make great strides by simply reforming the legislative process. He proposes requiring legislators read bills before voting on them, standardizing […]

Obama is not my Daddy

I say mean things about our government. I say that it steals from the poorest and gives to the richest. I say that it shakes with one hand but punches with the other. I say that if the world is a schoolyard, our government is its bully. If you think of the U.S. government as […]

That Woman

Dear Purveyors of Mass Media, It would do crucial justice to the sanity of this country if there were a moratorium on continued discussion of That Woman. All statements and speculations about “2012” and the word “presidential” or “candidate” should be abandoned in the context of her name. That Woman has resigned her office due […]