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Obama is not my Daddy

I say mean things about our government. I say that it steals from the poorest and gives to the richest. I say that it shakes with one hand but punches with the other. I say that if the world is a schoolyard, our government is its bully. If you think of the U.S. government as […]

The comic cowardice of Harry Reid

Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in a press conference yesterday: QUESTION: No one’s talking about releasing them. We’re talking about putting them in prison somewhere in the United States. REID: Can’t put them in prison unless you release them. QUESTION: Sir, are you going to clarify that a little bit? … REID: I can’t […]

Israel's motives in Gaza

As Israel pulls out of Gaza and the final shots in this battle between Israel and the Palestinians are being fired, many questions remained unanswered. How many are dead in Gaza? How many of those dead are innocent civilians? Will Israel lift the blockade of Gaza? Will the rocket attacks stop for the foreseeable future? But the biggest question […]

Obama's day

In honor of Obama’s inauguration today, I thought I’d repost the Chicago Sun-Times cover from Nov. 5th, the day after he won the election: It’s still a little hard to believe he’s actually going to be the president. It’s been a long eight years and I have to admit I’ve grown accustomed to despising the president […]

Please, don't overreact

In the aftermath of the terror attacks in Mumbai, India I feel a mix of outrage and horror at the violence and sympathy for the victims. I’m sure many of you have felt similarly, and I’m certain that Indians have the experienced the same emotions but magnified. Bin Laden created the same atmosphere in America […]

My vote is bigger than your vote

It’s not uncommon to hear complaints about the Electoral College every four years. It’s an anachronistic system to be sure, one designed for a time when average citizens had no direct say in who became president. But now, for better or worse, we each have the chance to cast a ballot for our presidential candidate […]

McCain pads his POW record…

…or “Watch as I cover the superficial” (Updated Below) It’s starting to look like McCain got caught in a shocking exaggeration or outright fabrication of his own POW experience. Over the weekend, both McCain and Obama stroked uberpowerful-Evangelical Pastor Rick Warren’s ego by participating in his presidential forum. During McCain’s performance, he recalled a real […]

Don't tell us we're ignorant. Educate us.

While I was putting away groceries last night, I caught a glimpse of Hardball on MSNBC. Chris Matthews has been taking a break, so Mike Barnicle (great name) was guest-hosting. Barnicle had an unremarkable panel of pundits at his disposal and the topic moved to a quote from Obama at a recent fund-raising event: We […]

You're probably sick of the hype…

… but here’s more about Batman. One of the facets of the Batman mythos (isn’t that word so pretentious sounding?) that appeals most to me is his normalness. Bruce Wayne doesn’t have superpowers. He just has money and physical prowess. A lot of what he does borders on possible. Sure that sounds crazy, but here […]

Two followup notes

1) Keith Olbermann, in a Special Comment, responded to just about every Glenn Greenwald criticism from last week: Bravo Keith. Thanks for finally saying what you should have from the beginning. 2) The Columbia Journalism Review is right on in its criticism of the press coverage of the tizzy between the Obama and McCain campaign […]