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Wikileaks pulls the lid off U.S. diplomacy

Today Wikileaks released approximately 250,000 confidential documents related to U.S. government diplomacy. This NY Times story runs down some of the highlights. The big takeaways? Saudi Arabia wants us to attack Iran for them Israel is ready to attack Iran U.S. diplomats to the U.N. are spying on their colleagues The U.S. is really worried about […]

You must sacrifice for your betters

Last week the war to cripple Social Security began in earnest. The initial attacks are working in concert. First up, billionaire Wall Street banker and Nixon appointee Pete Peterson riles up fear over government debt with a gigantic new ad campaign: Then, miraculously, the White House has a solution for your fears! Behold the recommendations of […]

Plutocracy has replaced democracy

Stop what you’re doing and read this entire speech by Bill Moyers. Moyers describes how government has been subverted to a single cause: Making the rich richer. Some excerpts: from 1950 through 1980, the share of all income in America going to everyone but the rich increased from 64 percent to 65 percent. Because the […]

Problem solved

The problem with America is that rich people pay too much in taxes. Finally, we’ve elected representatives to solve that problem.

Vote Tuesday

Being lazy has consequences. Don’t let it f*ck up the future.

Iraq War Leaks

On Friday, Wikileaks released 391,832 classified U.S. military reports. According to Wikileaks, this is the largest leak of its kind. The reports confirm a lot of what we already know (although not necessarily confirmed by the military itself), and a few things we didn’t: The Bush administration lied about the number of Iraqi civilians killed […]

The masochists are the real problem

(Updated Below) The folks at Balloon-Juice are ripping Andrew Sullivan a new one over a recent comment he made about liberals and taxes on the rich: Why are so many on the left incapable of acknowledging that many people who are rich – but, of course by no means all of them – earned it […]

Big money before good politics

Democrats are in a tight spot. The mid-term elections next month could cost them control of the House of Representatives. Why? The economy is in shambles and the electorate is ready to kick the bums out, even if it’s not the bums’ fault the mortgage bubble burst. Someone has to pay, right? But it didn’t have […]

Intended consequences

Companies like McDonalds that offer crappy health care plans are going to be forced to improve their health care coverage or drop their coverage entirely and help pay for better plans on the public exchanges. Despite what McDonalds and Republicans will tell you, that’s a feature, not a bug. Americans should expect a minimum baseline […]

Wall Street Congress

David Dayen at FDL has an interesting list of congress-folk who voted for the bank bailouts and then proceeded to vote against banking reform. In other words, they supported giving your money to failed – and already wealthy – bankers, and then wanted to make sure there was nothing in place to make future payouts […]