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Quote of the Week nominees

“… the notion that [Former Treasury Secretary] Henry Paulson is a hero is complete and utter madness because TARP would never have been necessary if someone, anyone who wasn’t a greed-addled incompetent like Paulson had actually been regulating the economy in the last years of the Bush adminstration. If anyone besides Paulson had been running […]

Roundup for Thursday 6/4/2009

According to the NYTimes, the Bush administration had a secret agreement with Israel whereby they “allowed Israel to build West Bank settlement housing within certain guidelines while still publicly claiming to honor a settlement ‘freeze.’” And peace becomes that much harder to achieve. Flickr photo of the West Bank by sduffy. **** Harry Reid, the […]

Sorry we're out of the Dark Ages

Daniel Henniger wrote an column for the Wall Street Journal yesterday complaining about all the nuanced answers Obama gave at the Saddleback forum. Henniger longs for a simpler time when he didn’t have to learn how a candidate thought, because he could know without asking: There was a time before the multitude of world views […]