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Roundup for Thursday 4/16/2009

Check out this cool BMW ad that was put up in response to an Audi ad across the street: **** Joe Klein on the alleged divisiveness of Obama: Given the fact that Obama had to take dramatic action, at home and abroad, to start lifting the country from the mess Bush made almost everywhere–and also […]

TV ads are good

I’m one of those folks who DVR’s/Tivo’s everything to avoid commercials. I’ll even record live sports programming, and start watching it 30-45 minutes after it started. That way after skipping all the commercials I catch the end of the game as it’s happening live. My younger brother thinks that’s crazy, at least in the case […]

A vewwwy scaawwy political ad

I apologize to my loyal readers that may be faint of heart but I’m going to have to scare you the day before Halloween. Witness this political ad courtesy of Sen. Elizabeth Dole (R-NC): There have been some ridiculous political advertisements this year (I’m talking to you, John McCain), but this one really takes the […]