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Domestic Security, Terrorism, and Hasan

Addressing a recent post on Small Wars Journal: The massacre at Fort Hood is a reminder that the War on Terror is not fought just in south Afghanistan or Mosul. It is a global war also fought in an office building inside a military base in Texas. Many counter-terror analysts focus on the Pakistan connection […]

Why H1N1 might be harder to fight than we thought

I enjoy maps visualizations. Always have. Sometimes though, they can bring up troubling questions, such as the H1N1 FluTracker from Rhiza Labs. When I first saw this, I only took a brief glance at the numbers and noted to myself “Wow, we only have 5000 less cases than the source of the virus, Mexico”. Then […]

King Curmudgeon

I hate to say it but I’m not as enlightened about some of the cultural or intellectual icons of years past. Gore Vidal would happen to be one of them. His is a name that has always been dropped as a reference to a certain European style of intellectual capability which many say Americans are […]

The Great American Armchair Road Trip

For those of us stuck in one place for one reason or another the thoughts of participating in that most American of things, the road trip, is an ever-tempting daydream. Below is my attempt to build a Great American Armchair Road Trip collection. For those more ecologically-conscious, don’t forget we have railroads or you can […]