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Roundup for Wednesday 3/3/10

Iraq is still f*cked up. Scores of innocent people are dying in our 51st state. Apple pulls a dick move and sues HTC over dubious sounding patents. Health care costs are rising rapidly because doctors and hospitals charge more. We can’t blame the insurance companies for everything. Roger Ebert had a computer voice created from […]

The iPad

Harbinger of doom for open computing? It’s not an open computer. It’s not a Mac. The bottom line: you can’t do the things that an open computing experience allows. You can’t connect the hardware you want, develop or run the software you want, or have the open-ended experience computers have provided. Or, a home computer […]

Is Apple An A-hole?

News came out over the weekend about a patent Apple filed in regards to technology that “displays advertising on almost anything that has a screen of some kind: computers, phones, televisions, media players, game devices and other consumer electronics.” (NYT) As the NYT states, the technology wouldn’t be an annoying pop up but “the technology […]

Dangers of cloud computing

Having our data in “the cloud” (a.k.a. the internet) is extremely convenient. If you have your email in Yahoo, your photos on Flickr and your documents on Google Docs, you don’t have to worry about carrying a laptop or an external hard drive to access your data when you’re away from home. You’re free to access your […]

Apple screws up with the new Shuffle

The new Apple iPod Shuffle is remarkably small and has the cool ability to tell you – through the earphones – what song or artist your listening to. That feature solves one of the long standing problems with the Shuffle, which was the lack of a display. Unfortunately, the new Shuffle has no play/pause next/previous […]