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Clinton triumphant in Kentucky: And no one cared, Part 2

And no one cared, Part 1 here “I’m going to do everything I can to make sure that anyone who supported me – the 17 million people who have voted for me – understand what a grave error it would be not to vote for Sen. McCain … uh, Sen. Obama, and against Sen. McCain,” […]

Obama dominates NC, Clinton barely wins IN

According to MSNBC, Obama has defeated Clinton by 14 percent in North Carolina, a race called as soon as the polls closed. Clinton’s narrow win in Indiana wasn’t certain until after 1 am—7 hours after the polls closed—where it now looks like she will have won by 2 percent. My initial thoughts The idea that […]

Election '08 media narrative: In pictures

See if you can guess which picture matches which candidate: vs. vs. Flickr photo of a flag burning from ManilaRyce Flickr photo of a calculator from Twylo Flickr photo of a GI Joe from CG76

CNN Democratic Debate: Liveblogging

I’ve never tried to do this… but here goes nothing… 8:05 Hillary looks understandably tense. She spent the first half of her opening statement on shoutouts to Texas. The rest was largely devoted to health care and other domestic issues. 8:10 Obama sounds a little under the weather. He spent a great deal of time […]

The Obama Fallacy

“There’s a mighty big difference between good, sound reasons and reasons that sound good” — Burton Hillis Super Tuesday was an important day in the ongoing charade — namely, the one that’s sometimes laughingly referred to as an election. Voters — those who bothered to show up — chose between pre-approved candidates, none of whom will […]

My enemy's enemy: The conservative case for Barack Obama

Barack Obama is the self-professed candidate of change, hope and national unity. A message that has already proven successful with independents and newcomers in Iowa. But can Obama be the real deal and gain the support of conservatives and Republicans? I think there is little chance Republicans will lay to rest the Limbaugh/Druge/FOX News smear […]