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Roundup for Wednesday 3/24/10

Liberals deserve congratulation for patching the last big hole in the American safety net: health care. Sorry conservatives, you lost. Washington Post writer Tom Shales should be professionally sanctioned (or fired) for writing a disgusting hit piece on Christiane Amanpour. The Attorney General of Washington State is going to waste public money on a nutty […]

Comfort food

Carolina lost again last night sending me and coach Roy Williams into the depths of depression. Luckily, the basketball gods are shining on other parts of the hoops universe:

Roundup for Thursday 1/21/10

Democrats: Get something done, or get sent home: The fundamental pact between a political party and its supporters is that the two groups believe the same thing and pledge to work on it together. And the Democratic base feels that it has held to its side of the bargain. It elected a Democratic majority and […]

Don't smear your face paint

You can get detailed stats and video of the game at ESPN, and check out a great photo gallery at the News & Observer.

Why UNC lost to Wake Forest

  On Sunday night, Carolina lost their second game of the season to Wake Forest by a score of 89-92. Carolina is tied for last place in the ACC with Georgia Tech with zero wins and two losses. Statistically, it’s easy to see why UNC lost this game. They shot a pathetic 35% to Wake’s […]