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Roundup for Friday 9/10/10

Maybe this pastor finally figured out inciting hate wasn’t the most Christian thing to do. But to all of you who think he shouldn’t be allowed to do if it he wants, should read about and understand why we have a First Amendment. The German military thinks we’ve reached the peak of oil production. Now […]

You can’t be serious

I don’t even want to link to this stupidity. By the way, how long before the Republicans introduce Articles of Impeachment over this?

Friday ramblings

Some longer clips from Jeremiah Wright’s sermons have popped up on YouTube. Watch the one about 9/11 here, and the one about damning America here. (For those new to the story, Obama is taking heat for associating with Wright, his ex-pastor.) The larger context does not really change the substance of his remarks, but it […]

Obama speaks about his ex-pastor and race

Barack Obama delivered a speech today about his relationship with ex-pastor Jeremiah Wright and the issue of race. You can read a transcript of the speech at Obama’s website. There has been a media firestorm (overblown, in my opinion) about controversial remarks Jeremiah Wright has made over the years in his sermons. Among other things, […]