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Terrorism is distracting America

John Kerry was right. In 2004, Kerry said “We have to get back to the place we were, where terrorists are not the focus of our lives but they’re a nuisance.” He said he we had to contain it, so “it’s not threatening the fabric of your life.” Bush’s response was predictably insulting, simpleminded and […]

The Kosovo Freedom Midweek Roundup

  Very funny, if relevant, spin on what Russia could do to piss off the US. US warns Russia not to encourage Georgian separatists — Oh wait, the real shit. Double standard? Why not. UN Police Quit Destroyed Kosovo Border Post. It’s begun. Enjoy the fires in the night. UN Peacekeepers Pinned Down in Eritrea. […]

U.S. is burning your money: Space Edition

The NY Times recently published a story about U.S. plans to blow up a dead satellite. There are two hilarious snippets from the NYT article I’d like you to read: President Bush ordered the action to prevent any possible contamination from the hazardous rocket fuel on board, and not out of any concern that parts of the spacecraft might survive and reveal its secrets, the officials said. And: The effort will […]

Non-Wednesday Midweek Roundup Vol. I

This will be short and sweet. Hmm, vital link n/w Europe and Singapore passing through ME? We wouldn’t suspect anyone trying to tap those lines would we? So, another Chinese Food & Health minister to be executed? Seriously, what is going on over there. Stallone vs Myanmar Junta in real life. Enter the extremist madrasas […]

Wednesday Midweek Roundup Vol. III

The real open gov’t. Amazing project. Ludicrous to even conceive that Jarvis or Bollinger would have even considered this. I doubt that even the journalists on the staff would stick around if the government bailed them out, no matter what the paper. The field of sustainable architecture and design continues to impress an optimistic vision […]

What the U.S. owes China

Understanding the U.S. debt to China General Overview Current U.S. debt to China: $1.4 trillion (estimated) Real-time U.S. national debt clock U.S. Treasury bonds owed to Chinese investors Official Obama Administration comment on the China debt Paul Krugman, winner of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics, explains U.S./China finance Although the Chinese government keeps the […]

Wednesday Midweek Roundup

So the Pound Is Worth More than the Dollar? Who cares. Air travelers get mad in Argentina When do we get to this point in the US? Or are we all a bunch of suckers to afraid to lash out? Everyone complains but no one knows what to do. Given the current state of the […]