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Proof that the media pushes the drama

After reading that headline, I know what you’re probably thinking. We already have plenty of empirical evidence that the media loves drama. The balance between news and noise is so skewed that in 2006 half of the U.S. still thought Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. That’s three years after the war started, and a […]

Obama dominates NC, Clinton barely wins IN

According to MSNBC, Obama has defeated Clinton by 14 percent in North Carolina, a race called as soon as the polls closed. Clinton’s narrow win in Indiana wasn’t certain until after 1 am—7 hours after the polls closed—where it now looks like she will have won by 2 percent. My initial thoughts The idea that […]

The Gas Tax Holiday: An Election Day 'Issue'

On this website, I’ve complained multiple times about the substance free coverage of the 2008 presidential battle. Finally, in the last few days leading up to today’s Democratic Primary vote in Indiana and North Carolina, we’re talking about an actual policy issue! Sort of. Hillary Clinton has followed John McCain’s lead, and proposed a gas […]

Hillary challenges Obama to an old-fashioned debate

Hillary Clinton is calling for another debate between her and Barack Obama. In the wake of the awful ABC debate, the Clinton campaign is suggesting a different format: In the spirit of the Lincoln-Douglas debates, we make this proposal: Senator Clinton and Senator Obama will participate in a 90-minute debate in an open public forum. […]

Hillary's boomerang syndrome

Today is the day. Pennsylvania is voting for the Democratic nominee and unless Obama wins, which is extremely unlikely, the race will go on. The attacks will continue. The media will continue to numb us with their inane coverage. And I will continue to make these wonderfully insightful posts about the whole thing. You’re welcome. […]


If you’ve been roaming around the political blogosphere (oh how I hate that word!) you probably noticed quite a firestorm about ABC’s Democratic Debate that took place Wednesday night. My take: Obama got destroyed. He’s the front-runner and predictably ended up taking the brunt of the so-called “tough” questions which were amplified by Clinton’s own […]

Bitter Obama? Just elitist noise

Obama said this: But the truth is, is that, our challenge is to get people persuaded that we can make progress when there’s not evidence of that in their daily lives. You go into some of these small towns in Pennsylvania, and like a lot of small towns in the Midwest, the jobs have been […]

Clinton, McCain, Obama — Go Home; Nader's the Real Deal

Barack Obama, 46, is an egomaniac. Consider this: He’s already written two entire books about himself. And, after a long, distinguished career of two years in the US Senate, he decided that he should be the most powerful man in the world. Running on the theme of change, his Senate record is so astounding that […]

Election '08 media narrative: In pictures

See if you can guess which picture matches which candidate: vs. vs. Flickr photo of a flag burning from ManilaRyce Flickr photo of a calculator from Twylo Flickr photo of a GI Joe from CG76

Friday ramblings

Some longer clips from Jeremiah Wright’s sermons have popped up on YouTube. Watch the one about 9/11 here, and the one about damning America here. (For those new to the story, Obama is taking heat for associating with Wright, his ex-pastor.) The larger context does not really change the substance of his remarks, but it […]