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Great moments in commercial history, Vol. II

Again, I’ve been caught out watching commercials because of the NBA playoffs. I just don’t have the time, energy or mental capacity to plan ahead and record each of the 9,000 playoff games I want to watch. But I do wonder if my life would be a little less joyous if I had missed commercial […]

Great moments in commercial history

It’s that time of year when I waste my nights watching NBA playoff games. By the way, the Bulls/Celtics series has been incredible. The game last night took three over times to decide. But anyways, NBA playoff time means being inundated with commercials I don’t usually see. The one I wanted to share with you […]

Remember that Cash4gold Super Bowl commercial?

You know… this one: Pretty funny right? Wrong. It looks like the company is just operating a giant scam. Who could have guessed? Here’s some juicy tidbits from someone claiming to be a Cash4gold employee: There have been times when we have received your package and MISPLACED or LOST it at the facility. We CLAIM […]

The monk look is back!

I keep seeing commercials for the Snuggie and it creeps me out each time: Come on. Just by a sweater and some sweat pants or something. By the way, don’t you love the beginning of that commercial where wearing a regular blanket is depicted as completely frustrating and dangerous? That’s the mysterious art of advertising […]