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Taibbi On The Media-Political Establishment Dynamic

One of WWW’s favorites, Matt Taibbi, struck not a blow at Sarah Palin in a recent post but the whole of the relationship between the mainstream media and its interactions with the political establishment. Taibbi has been a reporter out on the campaign trail multiple times and, coming from a non-traditional journalism background, tends not […]

Congressional crusade against ACORN is unconstitutional

(For more info about the ACORN sh*t storm check out my post from last month.) After ACORN employees were caught on video giving advice on how to break the law to a couple of pranksters dressed as a pimp and prostitute, Congress quickly moved to cut ACORN’s funding. This effort was led by hyperventilating Republicans and […]

The American Dream of Home Ownership A Young Concept

Or at least that is what is revealed in this excellent summary of the 20th century history of home ownership in America at the WSJ.

Health Care Activists Illustrated

By noted illustrator Steve Brodner: Yesterday was mobilization day for health care activists. In the clammy rain folks gathered and sat in at insurance corporate offices across the country. Here’s a drawing of demonstrators at United Health at Penn Plaza, where I was yesterday, where 14 people were arrested.

Obama’s health care speech

I haven’t had a chance to listen to or read Obama’s speech to Congress on health care reform last night. When I do, I’ll let you know my thoughts. In the mean time, you can watch the entire speech here (or read the transcript): The NY Times also has a cool interactive video/transcript which makes […]

Three ideas to limit government

E.D. Kain at the League of Ordinary Gentlemen wrote an intriguing post on steps we should take to the limit the ominous size and reach of our central government. E.D.’s idea is that we can make great strides by simply reforming the legislative process. He proposes requiring legislators read bills before voting on them, standardizing […]

The Democrats War

Looks like there are only 32 House Democrats that are actually against the war in Iraq. The other 224 are either openly for the war, pretending to oppose it to get votes, or just following orders. In 2008, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi excused her failure to stop the war funding, despite a Democratic majority in […]

What bipartisanship has wrought

Watch cable news for a few hours and you’ll pickup on the idea that Washington DC is so screwed up because of partisan gridlock. Or more simply, Democrats and Republicans cant agree on anything and so nothing gets done. It’s also an idea based on tone; how can you get things done if everyone is […]

Open letter to Congressional Democrats concerning the auto industry

Dear Congressional Democrats, I know you’re planning to bailout the Detroit automakers. Don’t do it. The Big Three deserve to fail. Sincerely, Random Blogger

Things you might not have noticed

The possibility of a $700 billion bailout for Wall Street is looming large over the national conversation, so I’ll forgive you for not noticing these fun nuggets portending America’s doom: Congress is working on passing a $25 billion bailout for Detroit automakers And why $25 billion for companies that have long ago ceased to be […]