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US Congress ratifies transition from republic to fascist dictatorship

Yesterday the Senate approved the new FISA legislation which includes telecom immunity. Bush should happily sign this bill into law soon. This law, fully embraced by most of the Democratic party (including Barack “I will filibuster any bill that includes immunity” Obama) codifies two major affronts to our former Constitutional republic: 1) The President can […]

The necessity of an accountable government

In my last post, I gave a quick rundown of failures resulting from U.S. Middle East policy. In a similar vein (and on the same day, strangely enough), Shaun Mullen from the Moderate Voice offered up a depressing list of Bush administration scandals. Here are six of my “favorites” from his list: The official embrace […]

George Bush is the law

Attorney General Michael Mukasey essentially told Congress it’s OK for the president to break the law if the Department of Justice, which is run by people of the President’s choosing, says it’s OK. “Our” Attorney General Michael Mukasey speaking before Congress: Delahunt: You said if an opinion was rendered, that would insulate him from any […]

Our blatantly corrupt, secretive government

There is an ongoing battle in Washington D.C. over whether or not money can shield you from law breaking. In essence, it’s a battle over whether or not we are a country that believes in the rule of law. That may seem like hyperbole, but I don’t think so. Our illustrious Congress is debating giving […]