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Jon Stewart nails it

According to conservatives, bankers and people making $250,000+ a year shouldn’t sacrifice, teachers should. Because… you know… teachers are living the Miller High Life™. They’ve got it so easy!

Where the money goes, nobody knows

Elizabeth Warren, chair of the Congressional Oversight Panel, has a great discussion with Jon Stewart about where our money is going in the government’s attempt to fix the banks: (h/t Jordan) ***** As an aside, Matt Taibi has some questions for “teabaggers”: 1. If you’re so horrified by debt and spending, where were your tea […]

Goodbye Comedy Central

Update: Viacom and Time Warner Cable reach a deal If you’re subject to the Time Warner Cable TV monopoly, you might be out of luck if you wanted to watch your favorite shows on Viacom stations like Comedy Central, TMC, MTV, VH1 and more. Viacom is demanding more money from Time Warner Cable in return […]