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Health Care Activists Illustrated

By noted illustrator Steve Brodner: Yesterday was mobilization day for health care activists. In the clammy rain folks gathered and sat in at insurance corporate offices across the country. Here’s a drawing of demonstrators at United Health at Penn Plaza, where I was yesterday, where 14 people were arrested.

Losing the debate before it begins

Let’s say you’re about to sell a car. You’ve decided that you can’t part with your wheels for less than $10,000, but you think it could be worth as much as $12,000. When it comes time to post the Craigslist ad for your car, what asking price do you put down? If your name is […]

2008 Presidential Debate III: Liveblogging

» Skip down to my conclusion « 9:00pm Is Bob Schieffer older than John McCain? 9:05pm McCain repeats his plan to buy $300 billion worth of home mortgages. He says it hurts everyone if these homes are abandoned, even those who were responsible with their money. Sounds good. 9:10pm Obama talks very specifically about tax […]

Special Comment'ette

Olbermann is returning to his Special Comment form of old. He actually kept this one under 20 minutes: And here is the conclusion for you video haters: Sen. McCain, your supporters, at your events, are calling Obama a terrorist and traitor and are calling for him to be killed. And yet you keep bringing back […]

2008 Presidential Debate II: Liveblogging

» Skip down to my conclusion « 9:00pm Already had a Mai Tai at dinner, so no drinking during the debate… unless it’s required 🙂 As with the last couple debates, you should be able to watch it live on MSNBC.com if you’re not near a TV. 9:05pm And it begins. 9:10pm Obama begins by […]

2008 Vice Presidential Debate: Liveblogging

Dü-veeeeeep dü-ba-dü-ba-dü-ba-debate! » Skip down to my conclusion « 8:00pm Baseball is really good at making me sleepy. Gonna drink an iced coffee so I can stay awake. That’s right. Iced. Coffee. I’m an elitist. 8:10pm If you’re one of those three people that have internet but no TV, you should be able to catch […]

2008 Presidential Debate I: Liveblogging

Dü-ba-dü-ba-debate! » Skip down to my conclusion « 8:15pm I’m eating pizza and cooling some beer (Big Boss Bad Penny) in the fridge in preparation for liveblogging the debate. Luckily, I won’t have to work too hard on my analysis tonight. According to an ad leaked this morning, McCain has already won. 8:45pm If Nader […]

Hillary challenges Obama to an old-fashioned debate

Hillary Clinton is calling for another debate between her and Barack Obama. In the wake of the awful ABC debate, the Clinton campaign is suggesting a different format: In the spirit of the Lincoln-Douglas debates, we make this proposal: Senator Clinton and Senator Obama will participate in a 90-minute debate in an open public forum. […]


If you’ve been roaming around the political blogosphere (oh how I hate that word!) you probably noticed quite a firestorm about ABC’s Democratic Debate that took place Wednesday night. My take: Obama got destroyed. He’s the front-runner and predictably ended up taking the brunt of the so-called “tough” questions which were amplified by Clinton’s own […]

MSNBC Democratic Debate: Liveblogging

9:00 It’s on. 9:05 Clinton isn’t shying away from her weekend attacks on Obama over his characterization of her health care plan, but Clinton isn’t taking the same agitated tone. Obama said his campaign isn’t “whining” about her attacks like Clinton’s. I’m a little surprised he said that. He doesn’t come across well when he […]