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That sound you hear…

… is the Democrat’s electoral fortunes rushing down the drain: Over all, the nation lost 54,000 jobs in August, the agency said, as state and local governments, many of them grappling with severe budget deficits, cut 1o,000 jobs last month. Another 114,000 temporary Census positions also came to an end. In all, governments cut 121,000 […]

Our zombie economy and the death of Social Security

The United States is currently drowning under the weight of 9.3% unemployment. Millions who could work are out of work, and there are many more underemployed – stuck in jobs they are overqualified for – and earning far less than they should. With people unemployed or earning less, demand for goods and services is naturally […]

Difference between Democrats and Republicans

The Democrats will deliver half of what they promise to their voters and all of what they promise to their corporate donors. For example. Vote for Democrats if you’d like a slower decline in American power and prosperity. Republicans will deliver the opposite of what they promise voters and all of what they promise to […]

The depressed Dems

At the risk of repeating myself every few weeks, it seems like the Public Option is dead (and any sort of compromise) thanks to Senator Lieberman and his desire to piss off his former liberal allies at the cost of American lives. The death of Public Option comes hot on the heels of a poll […]

WWW Recommends: Irrational Hatred

From the Dept. of WTF: From the author of the bestselling Help! Mom! There Are Liberals Under My Bed!, Katharine DeBrecht, comes Help! Mom! Radicals Are Ruining My Country! – a hilarious and entertaining way for parents to sit down with their children and teach them the origins of the new Tea Party movement and […]

To have a liberal political party

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a liberal political party? How about one, that unlike the Democrats, supported ending our two wars. Or one that wasn’t trying to sabotage efforts at creating a universal health care system? On that point, here is an excellent video rant by Bill Maher (h/t Chris Dierkes): For those of […]

The Democrats War

Looks like there are only 32 House Democrats that are actually against the war in Iraq. The other 224 are either openly for the war, pretending to oppose it to get votes, or just following orders. In 2008, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi excused her failure to stop the war funding, despite a Democratic majority in […]

Obama betraying civil libratarians

Senator Obama in 2006: This is an extraordinarily difficult war we are prosecuting against terrorists. There are going to be situations in which we cast too wide a net and capture the wrong person. . . . But what is avoidable is refusing to ever allow our legal system to correct these mistakes. By giving […]

What bipartisanship has wrought

Watch cable news for a few hours and you’ll pickup on the idea that Washington DC is so screwed up because of partisan gridlock. Or more simply, Democrats and Republicans cant agree on anything and so nothing gets done. It’s also an idea based on tone; how can you get things done if everyone is […]

Open letter to Congressional Democrats concerning the auto industry

Dear Congressional Democrats, I know you’re planning to bailout the Detroit automakers. Don’t do it. The Big Three deserve to fail. Sincerely, Random Blogger