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Fannie and Freddie more important than the disposal of flags

(Updated Below) One of the big stories to come out the campaigns this weekend was McCain’s false claim that Democrats desecrated thousands of American flags used at the DNC in Denver. I’m glad to see the McCain camp and our venerable news media are focused on the vital issue of how to properly dispose of […]

Convention Crackdowns

Fortunately, after today we will no longer have to be bothered with hour upon hour of vacuous convention pomp, either from the Republicans or their willing enablers, the Democrats.  But before this pseudo-democratic spectacle ends, we should examine the ramifications of what’s been going on outside the conventions, in the streets. It’s understood that American […]

The other highlight of the Democratic Convention

The convention is finally over and aside from Obama’s amazing speech last night, this is my pick for the best speech: Yes. Seriously. It was John F’ing Kerry. My favorite part: I have known and been friends with John McCain for almost 22 years, but every day now I learn something new about Candidate McCain. […]