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South of the Border Roundup

I think that we’ve already said more than enough about our position on Afghanistan. The funny thing is that we have a similar situation (narcotics, corrupt governance, poverty) in a country just south of our own border: Mexico. What is occurring there is as complex as anything that we have to deal with in Afghanistan […]

Rep. Frank wants to legalize marijuana

Damn hippies: Rep. Barney Frank said he plans to file a bill to legalize “small amounts” of marijuana. Frank announced his plans late Friday on the HBO show “Real Time,” hosted by Bill Maher. “I’m going to file a bill as soon as we go back to remove all federal penalties for the possession or […]

Wednesday Midweek Roundup

So the Pound Is Worth More than the Dollar? Who cares. Air travelers get mad in Argentina When do we get to this point in the US? Or are we all a bunch of suckers to afraid to lash out? Everyone complains but no one knows what to do. Given the current state of the […]