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Protests in Egypt

Egypt could very well be in the middle of a revolution. You can read a stream of updates here from the NY Times or the Guardian. I don’t want to make predications, but I hope the Egyptians end up with a kinder government at the end of this ordeal Please let me know what you’re […]

U.S. arming all sides in the Middle East

Our government officials, not just President Bush, seem to enjoy telling us that America supports the cause of peace, democracy and freedom throughout the world. It’s a nice story, and one I often wish I could believe, but it simply doesn’t match the actions of our government. We give and sell billions of dollars in […]

Israel: A Rogue Nation

Last Friday, Israel closed off occupied-Gaza Strip and its 1.4 million residents from the rest of the world, blockading the flow of basic supplies – including fuel and humanitarian aid. It’s understood that the blockade could lead to a humanitarian crisis in the already-destitute area. The lack of diesel fuel, for instance, threatens “such vital […]

Wednesday Midweek Roundup Vol. II

Heath Ledger found dead in US This isn’t about a celebrity. My suspicions: a little alcohol mixed with some Ambien led to the Big Sleep. I would look for a backlash against that family of drugs and the over-prescription of them. Or one would hope. We really do try and emulate “Brave New World” in […]