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Usually Sunday morning talk show panel discussions are little more than conventional wisdom echo chambers. Talking heads take turns trying to prove just how reasonable they are in the most cordial and polite way possible. No need to break up the chummy atmosphere by actually arguing over anything of substance. Sometimes someone pushes through the […]

Two followup notes

1) Keith Olbermann, in a Special Comment, responded to just about every Glenn Greenwald criticism from last week: Bravo Keith. Thanks for finally saying what you should have from the beginning. 2) The Columbia Journalism Review is right on in its criticism of the press coverage of the tizzy between the Obama and McCain campaign […]

Preserving equal treatment under the law

I noted Monday that Congressional Democrats were planning to grant retroactive immunity to telecommunications corporations (AT&T, Verizon, etc.) who aided the Bush administration in illegally spying on us. (Read my explanation of the telecom immunity issue here and/or check out this scathing NY Times editorial) The Hill and Dow Jones are reporting that this is […]

Applying dishonest attacks fairly

Updated below I’ve written a couple of posts about the storm surrounding Obama’s relationship with his ex-pastor Jeremiah Wright. Mainly, I’ve defended Wright’s comments, seeing as how they aren’t as crazy or radical as so many people believe. But I shouldn’t have to defend Wright’s sermons at all. Just because Wright believes or says one […]