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Why Haiti Matters

This last week’s extra special Newsweek cover story by Barack Obama was titled “Why Haiti Matters.” When I first saw the cover I was left dumbfounded. Were there honestly people out there asking themselves, “Why does Haiti matter?” The question seems to answer itself. Haiti is, after all, filled with fellow human beings who are suffering […]

Exclusive Footage From Haiti

Graphic footage only a day or two old from Haiti. Injured Child in Haiti Man With Crushed Hip Plea For Help

Roundup for Thursday 1/14/10

Help the poor people in Haiti by txting $$$ to the Red Cross. * * * * The Conan/Leno debacle has given us a great week of late night jokes. * * * * Carolina basketball, if you’re going to lose, please look like you care. * * * * Is it any surprise that […]

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