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Roundup for Thursday 6/4/2009

According to the NYTimes, the Bush administration had a secret agreement with Israel whereby they “allowed Israel to build West Bank settlement housing within certain guidelines while still publicly claiming to honor a settlement ‘freeze.’” And peace becomes that much harder to achieve. Flickr photo of the West Bank by sduffy. **** Harry Reid, the […]

The comic cowardice of Harry Reid

Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in a press conference yesterday: QUESTION: No one’s talking about releasing them. We’re talking about putting them in prison somewhere in the United States. REID: Can’t put them in prison unless you release them. QUESTION: Sir, are you going to clarify that a little bit? … REID: I can’t […]

Our blatantly corrupt, secretive government

There is an ongoing battle in Washington D.C. over whether or not money can shield you from law breaking. In essence, it’s a battle over whether or not we are a country that believes in the rule of law. That may seem like hyperbole, but I don’t think so. Our illustrious Congress is debating giving […]