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More proof we should repeal Obama-Care

Rich people get great healthcare treatment in America! Link

The best healthcare system in the world

Starla D. Darling, 27, was pregnant when she learned that her insurance coverage was about to end. She rushed to the hospital, took a medication to induce labor and then had an emergency Caesarean section, in the hope that her Blue Cross and Blue Shield plan would pay for the delivery. – NYTimes Maybe it’s […]

A better auto industry bailout

I’ve written a letter to Congress asking them to not bailout the faltering American auto industry. I’ve also written a post explaining you why I think the same industry deserves its date with the dustbin of history. I guess you could consider me an ardent opponent of any bailout of the Big Three. But sometimes […]

Post-election thoughts

The overwhelming emotion for me so far has been relief. The polls may have painted a bleak picture John McCain, but after these last eight years I’ve learned never to underestimate the power of prejudice and fear. And let’s be honest, I know McCain gave a great concession speech, but his campaign lived and breathed […]


If you’ve been roaming around the political blogosphere (oh how I hate that word!) you probably noticed quite a firestorm about ABC’s Democratic Debate that took place Wednesday night. My take: Obama got destroyed. He’s the front-runner and predictably ended up taking the brunt of the so-called “tough” questions which were amplified by Clinton’s own […]