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Obama watch!

Why the hell haven’t all presidents done this since TV became widespread? —————- Obama possibly picking Hillary Clinton to be his Secretary of State seems more than odd. One of the big areas that Obama and Clinton clashed during the primaries was diplomacy with nations like Iran. Obama was for it, and Clinton seemed to […]

Monday Blogging – 8/25/08

Hope you all had a good weekend, now it’s time to get depressed! 10:15am From MSNBC: [The McCain campaign] will be prepared to show McCain’s “home” in Hanoi by using images of his cell. They claim they have not overused the POW element and insist they have “underused it.” From 2004: McCain said that he […]

US Congress ratifies transition from republic to fascist dictatorship

Yesterday the Senate approved the new FISA legislation which includes telecom immunity. Bush should happily sign this bill into law soon. This law, fully embraced by most of the Democratic party (including Barack “I will filibuster any bill that includes immunity” Obama) codifies two major affronts to our former Constitutional republic: 1) The President can […]

Clinton pwns in Puerto Rico: And no one cared, Part 3

You can read about Hillary’s victory in Puerto Rico here. Why did the Democrats even bother to include Puerto Rico in the nominating process? I don’t particularly care one way or the other, I’m just curious. As a quick follow-up to Friday’s post about Ticketmaster, I’d like to say I’m totally baffled by people who […]

And no one cared

I’m gonna try to bring back the amateur cartoons that everyone enjoyed from the old site. Enjoy 🙂

The Gas Tax Holiday: An Election Day 'Issue'

On this website, I’ve complained multiple times about the substance free coverage of the 2008 presidential battle. Finally, in the last few days leading up to today’s Democratic Primary vote in Indiana and North Carolina, we’re talking about an actual policy issue! Sort of. Hillary Clinton has followed John McCain’s lead, and proposed a gas […]

Obama speaks about his ex-pastor and race

Barack Obama delivered a speech today about his relationship with ex-pastor Jeremiah Wright and the issue of race. You can read a transcript of the speech at Obama’s website. There has been a media firestorm (overblown, in my opinion) about controversial remarks Jeremiah Wright has made over the years in his sermons. Among other things, […]

Hillary, what the hell?

Check out the latest Hillary Clinton talking point with regards to Barack Obama’s experience. For those of you that can’t see the video, Clinton said: Look I have said Senator McCain will bring a lifetime of experience to the campaign, I will bring a lifetime of experience, and Senator Obama will bring a speech he […]

Blowing up stuff in space and other updates

I wrote on Tuesday about the U.S. government’s plan to blow up a dying satellite. According to CNN, that test was successful. Part of me is happy to see all that money we spent on missile defense hasn’t been a total waste. On the other hand, we can now look forward to angry reactions from […]

Telecom amnesty passes in the Senate

On Tuesday, the Senate passed a bill that would both expand the government’s spying power and give retro-active immunity to telecommunication companies that aided in spying on their customers. Joy. Nineteen Democrats and all of the Senate Republicans voted for the bill, a very clear reminder that many Democrats are only rhetorically opposed to the […]